Will Your Mantasy Crush on Tom Brady Pay Off?

Title: Will Your Mantasy Crush on Tom Brady Pay Off?
Date: August 11, 2009
Original Source: The On Deck Circle
Synopsis: With the whole world breathlessly awaiting Tom Brady’s return from injury, I examined whether he was still a strong buy for fantasy purposes.

Can you feel it? One-way bromance is brewing in the air. Mantasy crushes are hatching. Borderline creepy proclamations are being made about the sexual dominance of…you guessed it, fantasy football players.

More than anyone else, I am guilty of wearing fantasy goggles when it comes to certain athletes. Whether it’s my inexplicable hope that Eric Hinske’s split stats will land him on the friendly side of a strict platoon at Yankee Stadium, my insistence that Byron Leftwich is a rosterable quarterback, or me drafting NHL players strictly for any personal connection to them, I am guilty of large scale mantasy crushing.

But while my fantasy man-crush guilt may be large in sheer numbers, I usually manage to stay free of the over-the-top variety. That is, I tend to trade in reality. Although certain players can sometimes hurt my fantasy decision making, I know where the line is and generally have a realistic vision of my guys – I know Leftwich isn’t really a good quarterback, that Hinske is a bench player, and that no matter how many good running backs I put around him, Tom Brady won’t adopt me and be my new dad.
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nnnnd with that awkward transition, we enter today’s discussion: Tom Brady, Mantasy Whore. No, there is nobody quite like Tom Terrific when it comes to universal mantasy crushes. 80% of fantasy football players share a bromance with the Stetson poster boy. Those who hate him really hate him, but anyone else would secretly kill to have him on their fantasy team (or dating their mom, sister, wife, etc).

Last year, Brady went down injured eight minutes into the season, devastating fantasy teams and breaking hearts across North America. Personally, I dealt him right after in a keeper league, which is kind of killing me now since he’d be “transition eligible” (an extra keeper we have with less than three times started…alas, I have Chris Johnson in that slot, so I’m alright). Whether you play in a keeper league or not, one of the biggest questions for the 2009-10 fantasy season is what can you expect from Tom Brady?

Will everyone’s favorite man crush have you playing 808s & Heartbreak or Chocolate Factory?

The table below shows a sampling of Brady’s previous stats and fantasy rankings (based on my league’s scoring…while your league may be different, quarterbacks are usually scored with some uniformity).


The important ranking there is obviously the #1 spot in 2007. Armed with receiving threats for the first time, Brady hit Randy Moss and Wes Welker repeatedly en route to becoming Fantasy’s Most Dangerous Man. The offensive personnel is basically the same this year, though the running back position remains a play-by-play revolving door, so there should be optimism for Brady’s potential to repeat the performance. At the same time, offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels is gone, which could be cause for an early-season learning curve for the entire offense.

And, of course, Brady is returning from multiple surgeries on his left knee. Fresh off an Entourage cameo and a rigorous offseason regime, Brady claims to be ready for the season, to the point of requesting extra snaps in preseason games.

It promises to be a hole-clenching start to the season for Brady owners. He is the ultimate high-reward player in any draft this year, with his upside obviously being the league’s fantasy MVP, but his downside involved knee problems, offensive struggles, and no backup worthy of a Cassell-like handcuff. So buyer beware, but if I wasn’t in a keeper league (where he’s already taken) I’d be pegging him for his usual first round spot.

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