Rudy Gay trade: Good or bad deal?

Title: Rudy Gay trade: Good or bad deal?
Date: January 30, 2013
Original Source: ESPN
Synopsis: I took part in a 5-on-5 roundtable on discussing the Toronto-Memphis-Detroit trade centred around Rudy Gay.

The trades keep on coming in Memphis. This time, the new regime sent away top scorer Rudy Gay to Toronto in a deal that brought in Ed DavisAustin Daye and Tayshaun Prince, and also sent Jose Calderon to Detroit. Which teams made the right moves? We brought in a team of sixto take on the first big trade before the Feb. 21 deadline.

1. Good deal or bad deal for the Grizzlies?

Kevin Arnovitz, Good deal. The Grizzlies had zero financial flexibility and a bottom-10 offense — and Rudy Gay was complicit in both. They’ll lose nothing defensively at the wing with Tayshaun Prince, and they pick up one of the most promising young frontcourt players in the game in Ed Davis, who will allow them to shop Zach Randolph in the offseason should they choose to.

Chip Crain, 3 Shades of Blue: Great deal, but a sad one just the same. The team was among the highest salaried in the league to start the season. They are now below the luxury tax not just for this year but next as well. For a team with the lowest revenues in the league that is a positive, but you hate to see Gay go just the same.

Dan Feldman, Piston Powered: Good deal. The Grizzles got the most valuable player (Davis) in the deal while cutting significant salary. They might take a step back considering they’re downgrading a starting spot while only upgrading a backup spot, but if they were intent on cutting salary, they couldn’t have done much better.

Ian Levy, The Two Man Game: Bad deal. It may look different tomorrow, but right now I’m confused. Davis is great, but the value he provides is depressed when he has to fight Randolph,Marc Gasol and Darrell Arthur for frontcourt minutes. I’m not sure Austin Daye and Prince really solve their offensive spacing issues. Mostly, I’m surprised that this was the best deal available.

Blake Murphy, Raptors Republic: Great deal. They save money, which is huge for them, and Prince improves their floor-spacing and wing defense.

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