100 Words: Alan Anderson

Title: 100 Words: Alan Anderson
Date: May 3, 2013
Original Source: Raptors Republic
Synopsis: I introduced a series to keep Raptor content flowing during the NBA playoffs, calling on different writers to submit brief pieces on players, curated together.

Throughout the NBA playoffs, where we Raptor fans are left to wallow, Raptors Republic brings you the 100 Words Series. Calling on RR writers and other Raptor scribes from around the internet and MSM, we’ll provide the Republic with 100-word takes on players, coaches, management and announcers. Look for these two or three times a week, continuing today with Alan Anderson. The mission I charged the contributors with was simple: you have 100 words (prose, poetry, song, whatever) to discuss said player.

Andrew Thompson, Raptors Republic
Alan Anderson was a cartoon this season. When he caught fire and single-handedly won games the Raps had no business winning with impossible shot after impossible shot, the laws of physics did not seem to apply. When he came off the bench, quickly missed six completely unnecessary shots and then went away, it was equally without reason. But I’ll always remember AA for something special we shared. After a mid-season win, I accidentally walked into an abnormally tall man at a local establishment. I looked up and saw Alan Anderson. I nodded knowingly. He nodded back. It was a moment. Goodbye Alan, we’ll always have Real Sports.

Blake Murphy, Raptors Republic
If this were the Raptors’ offense, Alan Anderson would get more than 100 words, just like he hoisted more than his share of shots. He’s a chucker. There’s a place for that, but it’s deeper on the bench than Anderson was positioned and at a price less than Anderson will probably command. I like Anderson and accounts are he’s a chill bro. However, inefficient volume scoring is the most readily available commodity in basketball and there’s no reason to give Anderson guaranteed dollars to do something a waiver guy could do, albeit possibly with less defensive versatility. Also: Vince Face.

PhD Steve, Raptors Republic
Alan Anderson- A Haiku
hard to tell the truth
cause should not swear in haiku
but he makes me #$$%@

Sam Holako, Raptors Republic
I’m okay with giving him a two-year $4.5M to $5M contract with the second year partially guaranteed. There is not much else to say really; he’s the ninth guy off the bench at best… I refuse to say anything else about the guy… I mean come on, the guy is one-dimensional and not really a great scorer in bursts like a Jamal Crawford or even a JJ Reddick…. at least Jamario Moon had freakish hops… look, I’m not saying he’s a terrible player, but if he’s an important part of the summer, this team has very big issues heading into next season.

Zarar Siddiqi, Raptors Republic
Getting playing time due to lack of team depth, and performing sporadically and selfishly, Alan Anderson has deservedly gotten some good flak around these parts. Let that not deter us from giving him his due, which is that of a serviceable ninth man. It’s when his class of player bubbles up the rotation, like Jamario Moon and Sonny Weems, is when this franchise starts looking like a joke. The salary cap constraints are such that it’s the Raptors who need Anderson more than vice-versa. The question is whether the capacity of his involvement will be as a filler or not.


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