2013-14 Raptors now litter franchise leaderboards

Title: 2013-14 Raptors now litter franchise leaderboards
Date: April 17, 2014
Original Source: Raptors Republic
Synopsis: This article quickly looked at where the 2013-14 Toronto Raptors fall in the franchise record books, with the answer generally being “everywhere.”

It’s been quite the season for the Toronto Raptors. What we’ll likely remember about this season years from now is “48,” the team’s win total for the year, the most ever in franchise history.

But the win total isn’t the only record the Raptors set as a franchise this season. In fact, between a few team marks and some impressive individual seasons, the 2013-14 Toronto Raptors have assaulted the 19-year-old Raptors record books.

Team Records
Obviously, the big one is “wins,” but this year’s Raptors team is also the most prolific 3-point shooting team in franchise history, as well. Along with the wins comes the mark for best margin of victory, which tells us that this isn’t a Raptors team that just got lucky all year in a reverse-Timberwolves of sorts. No Raptors team has ever beaten opponents this much and by this great a margin.

Stat Value Rank Previous Record
W 48 1st 47 (00-01, 06-07)
3FG 713 1st 648 (04-05)
3FGA 1917 1st 1681 (04-05)
MOV 3.24 1st 2.9 (07-08)

Individual Records
This franchise employed Vince Carter and Chris Bosh for a number of years each, so while there’s not a long track record of team success, there have been some very strong individual performances. Still, four Raptors combined to take down seven franchise records this season.

Stat Player Value Previous Record
3FG Lowry 190 177 (Morris Peterson, 05-06)
3FGA Lowry 500 496 (Damon Stoudamire, 96-97)
eFG% Johnson 58% 57.5 (Jose Calderon, 07-08)
FG% Johnson 56.2% 55.4 (Amir Johnson, 12-13)
FT DeRozan 519 504 (Chris Bosh, 08-09)
FTA DeRozan 630 617 (Chris Bosh, 08-09)
RB% Valanciunas 18.2% 17.7 (Chris Bosh, 09-10)

Note: Amir Johnson has actually had better FG% and eFG% marks but did not technically qualify in those years.
Having the top mark is obviously a big deal, but it’s impressive, too, just to rank among the best seasons ever. Those same four Raptors and one more now find themselves in the top-five seasons in various categories.

Stat 2013-14 Leader Value Rank Record Holder Record
FG% Valanciunas 53.1% 3rd Johnson, 13-14 56.2%
PTS DeRozan 1791 3rd Carter, 99-00 2107
WS Lowry 11.6 3rd Carter, 00-01 12.9
FGA DeRozan 1407 4th Carter, 99-00 1696
WS/48 Lowry 0.196 4th Carter, 00-01 0.208
3FGA Ross 408 5th Lowry, 13-14 500
FG DeRozan 604 5th Carter, 99-00 788
MIN DeRozan 3017 5th Stoudamire, 96-97 3311
PF Johnson 271 5th Johnson, 12-13 301
PPG DeRozan 22.7 5th Carter, 00-01 27.6

Career Records
The career record book is where any enterprising Raptor can really make a name, as nobody but Bosh has really stuck around long enough to leave a lasting imprint. That, combined with the unprecedented efficiency of a pair of post players, have current Raptors owning the best career franchise mark in a handful of stats (minimum 2000 minutes). Obviously, worse performance later in their careers could knock these players off their perches.

Stat Player Value Rank Previous Record
eFG% Johnson 57.8% 1st 56.6 (Matt Bonner)
TS% Johnson 60.4% 1st 58.9 (Matt Bonner)
FG% Johnson 57.2% 1st 54.8 (Rasho Nesterovic)
RB% Valanciunas 16.9% 1st 16.8 (Ed Davis)

With a young team that hasn’t had much stability beyond Johnson, you probably weren’t expecting many franchise record-holders…yet. The current group, however, find themselves climbing the leaderboard, ranking in the top-five for several career marks.

Stat Career Value Rank Record Value
BLK Johnson 421 2nd Bosh 600
TS% Valanciunas 59.3% 2nd Johnson 60.4%
WS/48 Lowry 0.17 2nd Marshall 0.179
FT DeRozan 1617 3rd Bosh 2997
FTA DeRozan 1984 3rd Bosh 3767
ORB Johnson 891 3rd Bosh 1369
PF Johnson 1299 3rd Peterson 1344
TRB Johnson 2380 3rd Bosh 4776
APG Lowry 6.9 4th Stoudamire 8.8
FG% Valanciunas 54.0% 4th Johnson 57.2%
FG DeRozan 2327 5th Bosh 3614
FGA DeRozan 5207 5th Carter 7944
PPG DeRozan 16.7 5th Carter 23.4
PTS DeRozan 6402 5th Bosh 10275
WS Johnson 27.7 5th Bosh 61.8
WS/48 Johnson 0.142 5th Marshall 0.179

Playoff Records
I know, I know, everyone’s focus is now on the playoffs. Well, if this is truly the start of a successful run for the franchise, all of the team’s playoff records will be in play: games (20, Antonio Davis), points (385, Vince Carter), rebounds (211, Davis), assists (115, Chris Childs), and so on. Go to the second round or further this season and then return next season, and the current roster could quickly own all of the franchise’s playoff marks. Hey, make a title run this season and they’ll probably do it…worth a shot, right?

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