WWE Money in the Bank 2014 Results & Review

Title: WWE Money in the Bank 2014 Results & Review
Date: June 29, 2014
Original Source: Voices of Wrestling
Synopsis: I provided some commentary on WWE Money in the Bank for the excellent Voices of Wrestling, taking part in a panel reviewing the show.

You know how we do WWE PPV reviews here at Voices of Wrestling so let’s not waste time with WWE’s Money in the Bank 2014! Let’s meet our VOW staff reviewers:

Rich Kraetsch is co-host of the Voices of Wrestling podcast and ½ of the two-man power trip behind this terrible website. Follow him on Twitter@richkraetsch

Taylor Mitchell is Voices of Wrestling’s Smackdown reviewer and frequent Raw livetweeter. Follow him on Twitter @LuchaNerd

Larry is an enigma, we aren’t even totally sure his name is actually Larry but he’s VOW’s PWG reviewer and one of the original VOW Match of the Year voters. He doesn’t have Twitter because he’s an enigma

Bryan Rose is Voices of Wrestling’s Raw reviewer and occasional New Japan Pro Wrestling substitute. Follow him on Twitter @br26

And now our two special guests:

Blake Murphy is very sad and relies on Bo Dallas to get him through the day.” Or “ Blake is a news editor at theScore and also writes at Raptors Republic, Fangraphs and more. He doesn’t dabble in pro graps writing nearly enough, so shower him with hate. Follow him on Twitter at @BlakeMurphyODC

B.J. Mendelson is the author of the book, Social Media Is Bullshit (St. Martin’s Press). He hates John Cena, just like you, and he often has inappropriate thoughts about Naomi. I guess he likes wrestling. You should buy his book. There’s jokes in there, but no pictures. Sorry. There should have been. Follow him on Twitter at @BJMendelson.

WWE Tag Team Championship – The Usos (c) defeat Luke Harper & Eric Rowan

Blake Murphy: Allow me to vent about something. The announcers give away EVERY tag match. Their cadence for false finishes is so blatantly obvious that even if someone’s out of site, it’s painfully clear when a fall will be broken up. Anyway, this match was pretty good. I thought the Usos could use a loss as their growing a bit stale, but they rarely have a bad match and put together a nice opener. The Harper double-dive, the Uso double-splash and the double superplex were all great spots, and the match had a great pace (although I had stream issues early, so I missed some initial action). There’s money in Luke Harper…that new music, not so much.  ***

WWE Divas Championship – Paige (c) defeats Naomi

Blake: I’ll be honest – right as this match kicked off, the Raptors made a trade, so I missed it entirely. N/A

Adam Rose defeats Damien Sandow aka Paul Revere

Blake: One year ago today, Damien Sandow was winning MITB and he and Cody Rhodes were starting what should have been a win-win star-making feud. Now he’s doing this. Sandow is great in the role, but Rose has already got on my last nerve. I’m fine being a lemon. This was a joke. ½*

Money in the Bank Ladder Match – Seth Rollins defeats Kofi Kingston, Rob Van Dam, Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose and Jack Swagger 

Blake: I really appreciate when ladder matches start with “mad scrambles,” because it’s just good psychology.We witnessed a new world record tonight – with Kofi Kingston standing alone atop the ladder after sending Seth Rollins to a sick bump, he looked at the camera. In that moment, the world record for “most obvious thing that was not going to happen” was set. This was a really entertaining match until apparently just before The Demon Kane came out, when I had even more connectivity issues and missed the end of the match. This is not my night/week/month. On the bright side, this keeps Ambrose-Rollins hot and the crowd very clearly wants that (as do I) as a one-on-one match. Sucks to use a match this good primarily as a vehicle to further the feud, but it is what it is.  N/A(Was a solid **** before I lost visual and missed the apparently terrible ending.)

Goldust & Stardust defeat Curtis Axel & Ryback

Blake: EAT SLEEP TWEET DELETE EMBIID. I don’t have many wrestling friends but I got three texts during this match about Stardust. So…I don’t know if that means it’s working, but people seem to have an opinion one way or the other. At the very least, the Dustbusters have incredible chemistry and generally bring it in the ring every time out. This match was just alright, though, probably because it’s been done to death, or they were in a death spot. I don’t know. I like three of the four participants but this was underwhelming. **

Rusev defeats Big E

Blake: LANA! Serious question – are Big E.’s promos of late a joke, or ironic, or tongue-in-cheek, or what? This was a pretty good match, a solid hoss fight that incorporated previous meetings, which is always an interesting wrinkle. I wouldn’t have minded Big E. getting the W to extend this a month with some interest until Rusev is ready for a bump up the card, but you can’t fault strapping a slow-burn rocket to the Bulgarian, especially since the crowd is reacting well for him now. Oh, and LANA. I would superkick Obama through plate glass and tattoo a hammer and sickle on my face. ***

Layla defeats  Summer Rae

Blake:  I 100 percent thought this was all done to set up a face saving Summer. If it wasn’t leading to that, or anything else, and the wrestling wasn’t even average, what was the point? Even if you hate it, this had storyline potential…and nothing. No Fandango preference, no interference, no drama. I’m too drunk to not get sleepy through that. DUD-DUD Dud-dud-duud-dud Dud-Dud Dud Dud…Duuuuud-Dud-Dud-Dud

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match – John Cena defeats Kane, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, Cesaro, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt

Blake: The psychology of ladder matches is often thrown out the window for dramatic purposes, but there were two notes worth mentioning, both involving Infinity-Time Champion John Cena: first, Cena intentionally strolled out of the ring with two men fighting atop the ladder; then, Cena repositioned the ladder after the cool Cesaro-Sheamus spot, positioning them both with a better chance to grab the belts. Those things may get ignored by many but when you do notice, they look ridiculous. Of course, those won’t be the complaints from most, after Cena won yet again. We’ll have to see where the booking goes from here to evaluate that decision properly, but this match was decent regardless. Reigns might be the best house-afire guy going right now, and Orton’s RKO on Cesaro was awesome. The ending was also somewhat of a surprise given the extreme behavior by oddsmakers earlier in the day (swinging late to heavily favor Kane). That said, it also managed to feel a bit paint-by-numbers, which is fine because it was entertaining but means it’s not a blow-away match or anything. All said, this was pretty average. ***

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