Why The Phoenix Suns Want All The Point Guards

Title: Why The Phoenix Suns Want All The Point Guards
Date: July 21, 2014
Original Source: Nylon Calculus
Synopsis: This article looked at the Phoenix Suns’ deep stable of point guards, why they think it will work, and what their rotation may look like as a result.

Last season, the surprising upstart Phoenix Suns owned the NBA’s eighth-ranked offense. Given the lineups they often used, that wouldn’t be all that surprising if they weren’t also 13th on the defensive end, despite playing with two-point guard units for 1,646 minutes1, 41.6 percent of the time2.

In general terms, two-point guard lineups are thought to be very effective offensively but at a serious cost on the defensive end. That wasn’t so for Jeff Hornacek’s crew:
Counter-intuitively, the Suns were actually better on offense with just one guard but significantly better on defense with two.

If your instinct was to think of Eric Bledsoe, congratulations, you’re smart and beautiful.

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