Raptors Weekly Podcast, Dec 30 – Charging Through the West

Title: Raptors Weekly Podcast, Dec 30 – Charging Through the West
Date: Dec. 30, 2014
Original Source: Raptors Republic
Synopsis: I joined the latest edition of the Raptors Republic Weekly Podcast, talking about concussions, DeMar DeRozan’s injury, Bruno in the D-League, and more.

Packed with more stats than a Hollinger piece. Blake and Zarar examine the Raptors charge through the West and wonder when someone will pinch us.

Part 1

  • Expecting the Raptors to drop games which they end up winning
  • Will Lou Williams tail off? So what if he does?
  • Williams – defense knowing what he’s about to do, yet not stopping him
  • Terrence Ross making up for DeRozan’s absence, and not through scoring
  • Terrence Ross and his lack of FTs/avoiding contact
  • Accepting Vasquez’s nature
  • Tyler Hansbrough love
  • Hansbrough and trade bait
  • Defense on Chris Paul
  • James Johnson making up for others’ defense
  • Terrence Ross – good when bad, bad when good

Part 2

  • Bulls game, losing 4/5 to CHI/CLE
  • How do we catch up to the Bulls?
  • Matching up with the Bulls
  • D.J Augustin regret no more
  • Do concussion protocols need to be examined?
  • Landry Fields losing his spot again
  • Bruno D-League review and next steps
  • Need for exclusive D-League franchise

Part 3

  • Portland preview
  • GSW Preview
  • Barnes vs Ross
  • Klay Thompson’s evolution
  • Phoenix preview
  • Checking in on Corey Joseph and Tyler Ennis
  • Predictions

Grab the iTunes feed or check us out on Stitcher on Android. There is also the plain old feed. You can also download the file (46:26, 39 MB).

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