Raptors Weekly Extra Podcast, Nov 27: Johnson’s minutes, Valanciunas’ injury fallout

Title: Raptors Weekly Extra Podcast, Nov 27: Johnson’s minutes, Valanciunas’ injury fallout
Date: November 27, 2015
Original Source: Raptors Republic
Synopsis: I joined the latest edition of the Raptors Republic Weekly Podcast, talking about Dwane Casey’s status as a lame duck head coach, James Johnson’s playing time, and more.

Blake and Will run down the week’s topics for the Friday pod.

We’re trying something new here at Raptors Republic. Implausibly, despite the existence of the dry sarcastic whines of Raptors Weekly pod and the dry sarcastic humor of the Talking Raptors podcast, readers have expressed an appetite for a Friday post cast to fill out the week. So we’re tripling down on dry sarcasm, and adding yet another show for your earballs to enjoy.

We’re calling it the Raptors Weekly Extra Podcast for now, but with all due respect to Zarar, the name sucks, so we’d love to hear your suggestions.

On this week’s episode, Blake Murphy and William Lou discuss the following topics:

James Johnson’s “under-utilized” non-mood
Why doesn’t he play?
Why are his advanced numbers so good?
Does he have a beef with Dwane Casey (hint: no, for god’s sake, no)
Should he play more? What role should he play?
Jonas Valanciunas’s fractured metacarpal
Can Bismack Biyombo handle the increased role?
Will’s wacky “Valanciunas is a platoon player” theory
Innovative smallball lineups?
Dwane Casey’s job security
Blake and Will both agree: He shouldn’t be fired this season
Blake says: Casey has his flaws, but you can’t argue with the results
Will says: “um” a lot, that Casey’s flaws are somewhat glaring
Grab the iTunes feed or check us out on Stitcher on Android. There is also the plain old feed. You can listen here.


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