Three Man Weave: What best defines Kobe’s legacy?

Title: Three Man Weave: What best defines Kobe’s legacy?
Date: December 5, 2015
Original Source: TSN
Synopsis: I took part in TSN’s Three Man Weave, talking Kobe Bryant, the Raptors, and more.

On #3MW this week, Will Strickland and Duane Watson, hosts of the TSN Radio Network’s flagship basketball program, #1On1 with Will & Duane, plant the flag and stand strong with Blake Murphy, managing editor of Raptors Republic and part of ESPN’s True Hoop Network, to give you the news, views, and truths on the NBA and beyond!

With Kobe Bryant announcing his retirement, what things best define his legacy?

Murphy: This nails it. Weird as it sounds, the arguments about Kobe’s legacy may best define his legacy. There hasn’t been a more polarizing professional athlete that I can think of and the number of ways to debate Bryant’s place in basketball history is astounding. He was Michael Jordan for a generation of players, the last “Next Michael Jordan,” and he himself has inspired a number of today’s stars. But he has fewer rings than Jordan and wasn’t quite as good, which opens up a whole can of worms about where he ranks all-time (top 10? 12?). That argument comes down to an evaluation of your basketball belief system. Advanced stats, team success, personality, style of play, impact on the next generation; there’s no way to talk about Kobe that isn’t grounds for intense debate and that will stand to make him relevant to the basketball conversation long after his retirement.

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