Managing Editor at Raptors Republic

Title: Managing Editor at Raptors Republic
Date: October 26, 2015 (July 21, 2009, really) – September 23, 2018
Original Source: Raptors Republic
Synopsis: I tried something new starting with the 2015-16 NBA season. I left my post as Senior NBA News Editor at theScore in order to try my hand at full-time freelancing for a year. Part of that change included me taking over Raptors Republic on a full-time basis as the site’s Managing Editor. It worked out, so I did it for two more years after that.

That meant I was responsible for the content you see there, drumming up ad revenue and sponsorship, organizing our annual events, and managing the staff. It also meant there was too much volume for me to re-post everything here, so it just exists on my Raptors Republic archive.

3 thoughts on “Managing Editor at Raptors Republic

  1. Arthur D. Reddin says:

    Hi, Blake. I have a three-page article on predictions for the Raptors 2016-17 season. I’d love to post it on RR as a guest contributor if it meets your approval.

  2. Scott Gardner says:

    Dear raptors republic, your ad for Dazn is a real slap in the face to any Canada basketball fan. I already pay in the hundreds of dollars to get Sportsnet in TSN on Rogers. Why should I have to pay another $10-$15 a month just to pick up a few basketball games? I know it is up to FIBA who they choose to broadcast but something has to be done about this. How can Canadians come to know and love their basketball players when the only way they can see them is to stream on an expensive website?

    • Blake Murphy says:

      Hi Scott. First of all, this isn’t Raptors Republic, this is my personal page. Second, our ads our run through Google, so we don’t select what ads are run. Third, and most importantly, we have absolutely nothing to do with the decision by TSN and Sportsnet NOT to bid for the FIBA rights to Canada’s games; they chose not to do so, and DAZN swooped in and took them. If you have an issue with any of this, it should be with TSN and Sportsnet, not with us, one of the only sites on the internet regularly covering the national program/

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