Raptors and Heat: Three Questions

Title: Raptors and Heat: Three Questions
Date: May 7, 2016
Original Source: Hardwood Paroxysm
Synopsis: I made a guest appearance at Hardwood Paroxysm, answering a few questions about Raptors-Heat.

Jonas Valanciunas has been huge for the Raptors. How much of that is that he’s been working with limited opportunities? Can he be as effective if Toronto tilts the offense more in his direction?

Murphy: This is the big question everyone’s asking after Game 2. Valanciunas has been dominant, particularly early on in games, but the team has long had a penchant for going away from him as he gets going. In Game 2, most of his late-game work came from him just going out there and taking garbage points. With two stars struggling from the floor, to put it kindly, Valanciunas’ 59.3 true-shooting percentage in the postseason stands out, and he basically bludgeoned Hassan Whiteside with a flashing neon sign that read “FEED ME MORE” late Thursday. As you hint at, though, it’s one thing to post that efficiency with a usage rate of 21.8 and another to do so at 25 percent.

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