Raptors roundable: 10 questions heading into 2016-17 season

Title: Raptors roundable: 10 questions heading into 2016-17 season
Date: October 26, 2016
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: I took part in a Toronto Raptors season preview roundtable for The Athletic Toronto.

Looking back on it now, all of the stress and angst seem imagined. Last year, the Raptors won seven more games than they had won in any previous regular season, and won two more seven-game playoff series than they had in entirety of the franchise’s prior history. The struggles in the playoffs, as they came perilously close to going out in the first again and inched by a depleted Miami team, feel like adorably irrelevant details.

This year, we get more insight into how meaningful those details really were. Were those bumps along the playoff road indications that they were not as good as their 56-win year made them look? Or were they necessary hurdles that should help them make that sort of postseason run routine in future seasons?

The Athletic’s lead Raptors writer, Eric Koreen, and contributors Holly MacKenzie and Blake Murphy have answered 10 questions about the upcoming season:

Continue reading at The Athletic.


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