Norman Powell’s approach to D-League one Fred VanVleet should replicate

Title: Norman Powell’s approach to D-League one Fred VanVleet should replicate
Date: November 17, 2016
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic Toronto, I looked at how Norman Powell’s experience with Raptors 905 can help Fred VanVleet with his.

For a few minutes early in the third quarter of Wednesday’s loss to the Golden State Warriors, it appeared as if the Raptors may fall far enough behind to warrant emptying the bench. On Drake Night, in a game broadcast nationally on ESPN in the United States, there was very nearly the first Bruno Caboclo sighting of the season. It would have also meant Fred VanVleet, who saw the floor for long enough to wipe the bottom of his sneakers on Nov. 9, got to round his playing time on the season up to 1.

As it turned out, the Raptors made a comeback, then stuck around long enough not only to be a pain in the side of the Warriors juggernaut, but to preclude an emptying of the benches. It seems Caboclo and VanVleet will now have to wait a while longer for their next taste of NBA action, as both players were assigned to Raptors 905 of the D-League following the game.

While the Raptors shipped Caboclo and VanVleet up the highway a handful of times already in order to practice with the junior club, this is their first meaningful assignment of the year. The Raptors leave Thursday for a five-game, nine-day road trip, and it seems unlikely either youngster will rejoin the parent club in that time, barring an injury.

That means Caboclo and VanVleet are now the exclusive property of 905 head coach Jerry Stackhouse, who’s already made an impression with the length and intensity of his practices. The 905 open their season Friday and play two or three additional games (depending on Toronto’s return date) during the Raptors’ trip, and assigning both players for an extended stay is something close to a no-brainer. Practice time is somewhat scarce on a lengthy road-trip, and Caboclo and VanVleet will both get the chance to apply what they’ve learned over the last few months in a game setting.

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