Meet the Toronto tattoo artist to the stars — including many of the Raptors

Title: Meet the Toronto tattoo artist to the stars — including many of the Raptors
Date: February 22, 2017
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic Toronto, I got to know the tattoo artist responsible for a lot of the artwork you see on the Toronto Raptors.

Scoot Mason, the Toronto tattoo artist who is well known amongst the well-known, said Raptors centre Lucas Nogueira always wants music playing inside the studio. During a recent visit — for a large piece that would cover most of the 7-foot player’s right calf — it was Red Hot Chili Peppers, with Nogueira doing his best to match lead singer Anthony Kiedis note for note.

“Lucas,” Mason said, “I love Lucas, ’cause he’s just ready to get tatted.’”

Catering to the needs of high-profile Toronto athletes, including the heavily-inked Raptors lineup, has become a staple of Mason’s business, Scoot Ink. A native of Peterborough, Ont., he has done work on actor Johnny Depp, and earned a meeting with Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista for work he did for one client based on the infamous bat flip from the 2015 playoffs.

He has been named one of Toronto’s 21 best tattoo artists.

Nogueira, the 24-year-old from Brazil, is one of Mason’s most frequent – and perhaps most eclectic – clients. During some sessions, Nogueira might prefer to listen to System of a Down, or Future, or the Chili Peppers, or something from an artist back home.

Nogueira said his most recent trip, the piece on his calf, would be his last. Although, he also said the same about his throat tattoo, and for the back tattoo before that.

A day before he settled in to get inked, in the unspeakable hours of the early morning, Nogueira arrived from Minnesota, hopped off the team’s charter and headed straight to Mason’s studio, which is walking distance from his apartment.

Mason was coming off a 14-hour day of work, and pleaded with Nogueira to return the next day, after Raptors practice. He did. He arrived early, waited while another client got a major piece done, then sat down in the chair for a six-hour session.

“He’s going on a trip,” said Mason. “I’m tattooing him and he’s like ‘Oh, yeah, I gotta be sitting in a hot tub next week, and on the beach.’ I’m like ‘Bro, you can’t be doing that.’”

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