Kennedy Meeks’ Personality Has Won Over the Raptors and His Game Might, Too

Title: Kennedy Meeks’ Personality Has Won Over the Raptors and His Game Might, Too
Date: July 14, 2017
Original Source: Vice
Synopsis: For my latest at Vice, I wrote about Kennedy Meeks, who won the Raptors over with his “teddy bear” personality and is now trying to change his game to win them over on the court, too.

Had you walked into any room that Kennedy Meeks occupied during the course of Las Vegas Summer League this week, your eyes would have been drawn to him immediately. At 6’9″, he doesn’t necessarily stand out in a sea of NBA players and hopefuls, but there is a palpable gravitational pull from his personality. He is often laughing, almost always smiling, and making quick friends of nearly everyone.

“His personality’s great, right?” says Jama Mahlalela, co-coach of the Toronto Raptors’ Summer League team. “He’s kind of that big teddy bear type personality. He’s good with everyone, you can tell he’s sort of developed those skills.”

Ask around the Raptors organization, and Meeks is on everyone’s short list of favorite people they’ve met during years of the pre-draft process. Talk to his current teammates in Vegas, and Meeks is a common, almost unanimous answer as someone players have gotten to know in the chaotic week-plus in which chemistry is either forged quickly or isn’t forged at all. Speak to his former North Carolina teammates, and it’s clear that Meeks is a connector between people and a link between teams.

It’s hard to find someone with an unkind word to say about Meeks, the person, which is a big part of the reason the Raptors have invested in Meeks, the basketball player.

Continue reading at Vice.

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