Malcolm Miller shows potential, promise with Raptors despite rough start to summer

Title: Malcolm Miller shows potential, promise with Raptors despite rough start to summer
Date: July 19, 2017
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic Toronto, I wrote about Malcolm Miller, why the Raptors moved quickly to make him their first ever two-way player, and how a poorly timed ankle injury isn’t tempering optimism.

LAS VEGAS — It’s about as inauspicious a start as there is. In his very first practice after signing a two-way contract with the Toronto Raptors, Malcolm Miller suffered a severe ankle sprain, rendering him a spectator for all of Las Vegas Summer League. On Tuesday, the team announced he’ll miss 12 more weeks following arthroscopic surgery.

“Yeah, the timing is really tough,” Raptors assistant general manager Dan Tolzman said in Vegas.

The injury, while unfortunate, failed to achieve several ends that injuries sometimes manage: it did not break Miller’s ever-optimistic spirit; it did not temper the Raptors’ enthusiasm for their newest development projects; and it did not keep Miller from sneaking opportunities to get up shots despite being confined to a walking boot, much to the bemusement of whichever Raptors staffer would happen to catch him. No, while the ankle sprain will keep Miller off of the court for a few months — the news of the surgery likely shifts his target from Raptors training camp to Raptors 905 training camp — it isn’t keeping player or team from remaining excited about Miller’s place on the roster for the coming season.

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