Everyone on the Raptors is raving about Fred VanVleet’s off-season, except Fred VanVleet

Title: Everyone on the Raptors is raving about Fred VanVleet’s off-season, except Fred VanVleet
Date: September 26, 2017
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic Toronto, I wrote about Fred VanVleet’s impressive offseason, one he doesn’t care much to talk about until he can carry it over to the regular season.

Training camp clichés are not for everyone.

It is only Fred VanVleet’s second NBA season and second time through media day with the Toronto Raptors, but already he’s experienced enough to pre-empt any conversations about the off-season with the necessary caveats. There will be no #MuscleWatch with VanVleet, and while he’ll concede to having taken the steps everyone takes each summer, he will not allow for the opportunity to make conclusions on his intentions or his results.

“I tried to improve,” he said. “I wanted to get stronger, faster, quicker. I have changed my body some. I’m a little bit leaner, lost some weight. I don’t really like that narrative as a story. Because it’s not always effective or efficient. So we’ll see.”

If VanVleet sounds like a boxer, it’s because he is. In the off-season, anyway. VanVleet’s step-father, Joe Danforth, boxed during his six years in the army, and the two use the discipline as a major part of VanVleet’s training today. They even occasionally loop in Angel Martinez, a 2020 Olympic hopeful from VanVleet’s hometown of Rockford, Ill, to join in the training.

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