The Clock Is Ticking on the Bruno Caboclo Experiment

Title: The Clock Is Ticking on the Bruno Caboclo Experiment
Date: November 13, 2017
Original Source: Vice
Synopsis: In my latest for Vice, I wrote about Bruno Caboclo requesting a G League assignment with an eye toward extending his NBA career.

On a wall at the west end of the Raptors’ practice facility are two lists, updated regularly by staff after putting players through shooting workouts. One list has numbers into the 80s and was at one point topped by known sharpshooter Kyle Wiltjer, who nailed 89 of 100 stationary corner 3-point attempts. The other has less eye-popping numbers, denoting players’ scores on 3-point attempts taken on the move from all around the arc.

At the end of training camp, the name atop that second list belonged to Bruno Caboclo, tied with Fred VanVleet with a score of 73 makes out 100 3-point attempts on the move. When catching and shooting in the corner, his score was 82, and he resembles Paul Walker in the pivotal scene of The Fast and the Furious when he claims he almost had Wiltjer.

Few Raptors shot the ball as well in training camp as Caboclo, but on Wednesday he found himself in Mississauga, tipping off his fourth season in the G League and third with Raptors 905.

Continue reading at Vice.


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