Emeka Okafor Is Fighting For One More Opportunity To Make It To The NBA

Title: Emeka Okafor Is Fighting For One More Opportunity To Make It To The NBA
Date: December 12, 2017
Original Source: Dime Magazine (Uproxx Sports)
Synopsis: In my latest for Dime Magazine at Uproxx Sports, I wrote about Michael Beasley’s odd basketball journey and how it’s made him into the league’s unlikeliest leader.

When James Michael McAdoo walked into the gym at the NBPA offices in New York this summer, he found his workout partner to be a little surprising. It wasn’t another 24-year-old looking to stay fresh in case a team willing to take a chance on them came calling, nor was it someone with a job already locked down, just getting some work in between meetings. It wasn’t an active player at all. Or at least, so McAdoo thought.

Imagine his surprise on the first day of Philadelphia 76ers training camp a few weeks later, when the 6’10, 255-pound frame of 35-year-old veteran Emeka Okafor once again stood across from him.

“It was kinda odd seeing him there, ‘cause I know he’s been out for four years,” McAdoo recalls. “I had no idea he was trying to get back at the time. I thought he had retired. It was crazy showing up to training camp with the 76ers, there he is, and it’s like, ‘What’s up man? Good to see you back.’ And then here we are now playing together in the G League.”

Yes, the G League. After Okafor was waived by the 76ers, he made the decision to continue his comeback attempt with the Delaware 87ers alongside McAdoo and a roster full of players largely trying to get their first crack at the NBA.

Continue reading at Dime/Uproxx.


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