Chris Jericho Will Never Stop Reinventing Himself

Title: Chris Jericho Will Never Stop Reinventing Himself
Date: December 13, 2017
Original Source: Vice
Synopsis: For my latest at Vice, I wrote about how Chris Jericho has consistently been able to evolve, making him one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.


On the morning of Nov. 5, Chris Jericho awoke in Newcastle, England, waiting for his phone to blow up. Around 9 AM, in the middle of the night across North America, it happened.

Following a successful defense of his IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship at New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Power Struggle event, Kenny Omega had the lights go out on him. Omega was seeking a challenger for his title at Wrestle Kingdom 12 on Jan. 4, New Japan’s biggest event of the year, laughing between English and Japanese that there was nobody left who had the guts to take him on.

A screen lit up with a countdown clock, and in an instant, internet speculation and tongue-in-cheek, this-could-never-happen fantasy booking was revealed to be a reality. Through smoke and heavy guitar, Jericho appeared on screen. Smirk breaking through his goateed face, leather collar popped behind him, Jericho tore a photo of the champion lengthwise and laid the challenge down: Jericho vs. Kenny, wrestling’s ultimate Alpha against the man they call Omega.

Continue reading at Vice.

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