Toronto’s Return to Relevance Has Healed the Vince Carter Wounds

Title: Toronto’s Return to Relevance Has Healed the Vince Carter Wounds
Date: December 18, 2017
Original Source: Vice
Synopsis: For my latest at Vice Canada, I wrote about Vince Carter’s latest return to Toronto and the inevitability of an eventual reunion with the Raptors.

In the closing moments of Sunday’s game, Sacramento Kings head coach Dave Joerger subbed Vince Carter in and then took him out moments later. Down double-digits, it was a move aimed not at a last-ditch comeback attempt but at getting Carter a final moment in the building that he built. The Air Canada Centre crowd that remained proceeded to shower him with an ovation for the second time that night.

Carter, always genuinely touched by these moments of acknowledgment over the last few seasons, raised a hand and, after a clear-path foul review that mattered only to those with money on the point spread, embraced DeMar DeRozan with a hug.

“I remember my first couple a years, it was crazy. I can’t imagine how it was when he first left,” DeRozan said. “To see the shift, I remember a couple years ago when we gave him the tribute video and everything, the reception and everything, it changed, as it should. It’s great to see that from our fans because he’s the one who started this whole thing.”

Continue reading at Vice.


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