Amile Jefferson’s defense-first attitude could be a fit on Thibodeau’s Wolves

Title: Amile Jefferson’s defense-first attitude could be a fit on Thibodeau’s Wolves
Date: January 16, 2018
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: I chipped in at The Athletic Minnesota, writing from the G League Showcase about the Timberwolves giving Amile Jefferson the call-up on a two-way contract.

Amile Jefferson was leaning against the boards, which is admittedly an unfamiliar position for a basketball player. The Iowa Wolves had just lost a nail-biter to the Grand Rapids Drive on the makeshift second court at Hershey Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, home to the G League Showcase. Jefferson played excellently in the loss, just the Wolves’ third in the last 14 games. When a G League team is that hot, especially at a scout-heavy event like the Showcase, teams start to take notice.

For Jefferson’s part, he conceded that the players in the locker room, some looking for their first chance at the NBA and others trying to get back, naturally think about call-ups. The high tide of the team rising all boats is the approach the team has taken. Still, Jefferson sounded confident that he’d soon be without at least one of his teammates if the team kept playing together the right way.

“I think everyone thinks about it,” he said. “I think we have professional NBA guys on our team. I think that’s just the truth. I think the focus should just be every day coming out, getting better, and showcasing our talents, and doing it together. I think the biggest thing is winning. I think when we win, we all get to shine. I think it’s on everyone’s mind, everyone thinks about it. And we just have to keep grinding, keep pushing, and I think it’ll happen for a lot of our guys.”

What Jefferson wasn’t talking about was his own chance to get called up.

Continue reading at The Athletic.


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