A closer look at how well C.J. Miles — and the Raptors — are shooting the three

Title: A closer look at how well C.J. Miles — and the Raptors — are shooting the three
Date: January 24, 2018
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic Toronto, I created a crude metric for expected 3-point percentage to evaluate the Raptors’ offense.

This wasn’t what I was planning to write about. But sometimes you open up a spreadsheet to assuage a curiosity, and a few hours later, you’ve done enough work to warrant writing about said spreadsheet.

What I was originally curious about: The difficulty of C.J. Miles’ shot mix so far this year.

In mid-December, I wrote here about how the Raptors could be getting more out of Miles, essentially concluding that more playing time with the stars would get him more open looks and defences would be less willing to sell out to ride him up the line from the corners to above the break. Miles is in a mini-slump of late and has been pretty self-critical about his poor shooting, so I pulled the same numbers as in that article and updated them. My conclusion was basically the same: Miles is still taking a difficult mix of shots relative to last year, and he’s shooting well overall, so there’s not much to worry about here.

Continue reading at The Athletic.


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