Raptors stats mailbag: On the bench, pace, three-pointers and clutch time

Title: Raptors stats mailbag: On the bench, pace, three-pointers and clutch time
Date: February 20, 2018
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic Toronto, I did a few data dives to answer reader questions about the Raptors as they head into the season’s stretch run.


Inspired by an unrelated comment on a recent Pascal Siakam piece, I thought the all-star break might be a good opportunity to open up my regular Raptors Republic mailbag, only for The Athletic and with a shorter, more narrowly focused edition. I put out a brief call for stats/analytics-based questions people are curious about, which I think serve as a good recalibration of some season-long storylines as we enter the final trimester.

I can’t promise I’ll get to questions left in the comments (especially if they require a data dive), so it’s probably best to tweet them at me with the hashtag #RRMailbag so I can keep track for next time.


First, a common question: Is the bench really this good? / Is there a precedent for a bench playing this well? / Can they keep playing as a five-man group in the playoffs?

Continue reading at The Athletic.


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