Brandon Jennings Needed To Become ‘The World Hooper’ To Get Back In The NBA

Title: Brandon Jennings Needed To Become ‘The World Hooper’ To Get Back In The NBA
Date: March 14, 2018
Original Source: Dime Magazine (Uproxx Sports)
Synopsis: In my latest for Dime Magazine at Uproxx Sports, I wrote about Brandon Jennings’ road back to the NBA, the trails he’s blazed in his career, and becoming The World Hooper.

TORONTO — It was as good a place as any for reflection.

Sitting in a makeshift visitors’ locker room, Brandon Jennings’ latest trip to the Air Canada Centre is drastically different from his earlier ones. Now dressed in a Wisconsin Herd jersey ahead of a Sunday afternoon tip-off against the G League’s Raptors 905, Jennings will be up against a squad coached by Jerry Stackhouse, his vet from his rookie year and a reminder of the lessons once learned.

Jennings is about to step on the same floor where he dropped 25 as a sophomore in the league, put up 34 in the midst of the best stretch of his career with Detroit in 2015, and finally felt like he was back to form following a ruptured Achilles. When he does, it will be with a different intent.

An eight-year NBA veteran at the time, Jennings is fighting for another chance. He has no doubt he can give a G League team buckets. He’s hoping he can parlay an abbreviated G League tour into an NBA opportunity, proving to the league that he can still do so at the highest level in the world, too.

To get back to this point, though, Jennings had to prove it to himself. He had to embrace his trail-blazing role as The World Hooper.

Continue reading at Dime/Uproxx.

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