Investing In More Than Just Hoop Dreams

Title: Investing In More Than Just Hoop Dreams
Date: May 29, 2018
Original Source:
Synopsis: I’m going to be helping and out a bit this year. In my latest on the 905 side, I caught up with Roger Moute a Bidias about his summer internship at Google, and more.

It wasn’t long after this time last year when Roger Moute a Bidias put himself on the radar of Raptors 905. Based out of Los Angeles after going undrafted out of California in June, Moute a Bidias found his way into some workouts that have now become the stuff of Toronto Raptors legend. They are, after all, where The Bench Mob was forged, with the Raptors’ young core playing together regularly throughout the summer.

Moute a Bidias was there and, despite modest production over four years of college, made an impression. His length, anticipation, and overall defense all stood out, and the 905 would eventually invite him to training camp as a local tryout player. He’d make the team, too, but his season wouldn’t get to start for another three months – two days before the 905’s opener, Motue a Bidias suffered a knee sprain, ultimately leading him to be waived and then re-added to the roster when he healed.

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