Decisions on qualifying offers are a light start to big summer for Raptors

Title: Decisions on qualifying offers are a light start to big summer for Raptors
Date: May 31, 2018
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic Toronto, I looked at the four qualifying offer decisions the Raptors face in the month of June.

There are very big decisions facing the Toronto Raptors right now. Team president Masai Ujiri is in the process of making the first head coaching hire of his career, for example. The team’s staff have been bouncing between Chicago, Los Angeles, and, later this week, Italy for scouting events, as their lack of a draft pick has made in-house workouts somewhat scarce. They’ll try to get into the draft, they may look to shop Norman Powell before his extension kicks in, and those things may be related. In a more broad sense, they’re likely exploring every option as a means of improving for 2018-19, as blowing up this core this summer was never in the cards and they have to at least try something, however painful, to reshape their immediate future.

I would not be me, though, if I did not push these bigger picture questions aside to worry about some much more granular details. How can one be consumed with the inevitability of death when there is something you said over nachos five years ago that registered to nobody but you that you can let eat away at you instead? For example, the Raptors have four qualifying offer decisions to make on restricted free agents between the end of the NBA Finals and June 29.

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