Kay’s Ways: First-ever signing still at forefront of Toronto Wolfpack success

Title: Kay’s Ways: First-ever signing still at forefront of Toronto Wolfpack success
Date: June 8, 2018
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic Toronto, I wrote about Toronto Wolfpack winger Liam Kay, the team’s first-ever signing, top try-scorer, and de facto face of the franchise.

As the play unfolds, the crowd begins to buzz with anticipation, seeing what’s unravelling before the defence. The Toronto Wolfpack are charging, and as they begin passing the ball toward the left side of the field, an imposing figure rumbles into view. Standing at 6-foot and 205-pounds, Liam Kay is difficult enough to take down in any situation. It’s the burst along the left edge that makes him an immediate threat when the cut-out pass comes. The defence is caught  flat-footed. A dive leaves even Kay’s flowing blond hair out of reach, and the winger reaches across the try line for yet another score.

It’s an exciting moment, and one the Lamport Stadium faithful have quickly gotten used to. Kay’s rugged, wild style of play has ingratiated him quickly to the Wolfpack fanbase. Last year, in the team’s inaugural season, he led the team in tries — helping earn them a promotion from League 1 to second-division Championship in just one season. Those flowing locks haven’t hurt either — with his steely blue eyes, a bright smile, and thick stubble framing his face, Kay’s has become the unofficial face of the team and their most recognizable player.

The combination has earned him the nickname “Sex on Legs” from the fan podcast Wolfin’ Around last season, with the hosts noting Kay’s “Game of Thrones-esque look.”

Continue reading at The Athletic.

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