Toronto’s Pro Rugby Games Are a Giant Party

Title: Toronto’s Pro Rugby Games Are a Giant Party
Date: June 20, 2018
Original Source: Vice
Synopsis: For my latest at Vice, I wrote about the return of the Toronto Wolfpack and their unique game-day experience that’s proving a fun addition to Toronto summers.

It was the hot dog cannon that stood out most to Liam Kay.

Last year’s inaugural Toronto Wolfpack season was a bit of a culture shock on all fronts. For the city of Toronto, it was a first intimate look at professional Rugby League play and the introduction of a new team to soak up entertainment dollars outside during the best weather the city gets all year. For visiting League 1 teams, it was an unlikely road trip to face Rugby League’s first transatlantic outfit. And for the players, some of whom the Wolfpack had to give the hard sell to in order to secure a commitment for their grand experiment, the experience of playing in front of a North American-style crowd still learning the game took some adjustment.

In rolling out the expansion team, the Wolfpack were sure to sell themselves to the city for not just the sport of rugby but as a unique atmosphere at Lamport Stadium in the city’s young Liberty Village district. A slick colour scheme and logo quickly made Wolfpack merchandise popular. They sought marketable players who could not only compete at the professional level but engage fans and self-market the program. They even released a pin-up calendar, something a few of the players are still a little bashful about. This year, they’ve added a mascot to add to the family friendly environment.

And there’s the hot dog cannon.

Continue reading at Vice.

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