Raptors wonder what self-made Jordan Loyd could turn into with more help

Title: Raptors wonder what self-made Jordan Loyd could turn into with more help
Date: July 11, 2018
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic Toronto, I wrote about Raptors Summer League player Jordan Loyd and the question of what a self-made prospect could do with greater developmental resources.

Jordan​ Loyd looks different this​ time​ around.

In the most superficial​ sense, there is the​​ weight loss. Weighing in at 218 pounds at the end of Las Vegas Summer League a year ago, Loyd cut down to an even 200 last summer, ratcheting up his water intake and eating a little better in a process he (frustratingly, for some of us) called pretty simple. The result has been a little more bounce in his step in the open court, improved conditioning, and a few extra appearances on the highlight reel from his games with Hapoel Eliat in Israel.

“I’m more athletic. Like, last year, I had a bunch of dunks and they’re like, ‘Who is this guy, man?’” Loyd said. “It helped, losing the weight, it definitely helped.”

Mostly, the weight loss has helped Loyd look more like a point guard. He was hardly out of shape at 218, he just looked the part of a somewhat undersized wing. Loyd is 6-foot-4 with a 6-foot-5 wingspan, and until two years ago, he was almost exclusively a shooting guard. Even with traditional positions meaning less and less, it’s better to have positional size as an asset on the smaller end of the position spectrum rather than the opposite. In other words, 218 was was fine for what Loyd was at the time, not for what he wants to be.

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