Chris Boucher, a Raw 25-Year-Old, Is on a Mission to Prove He’s NBA Worthy

Title: Chris Boucher, a Raw 25-Year-Old, Is on a Mission to Prove He’s NBA Worthy
Date: July 13, 2018
Original Source: Vice
Synopsis: In my latest for Vice, I wrote about Chris Boucher, a still-raw 25-year-old Canadian prospect who tantalizes when he gets the chance but has spent a lot of time waiting for those windows.

For a player who found the game of basketball so late, Chris Boucher has already done his share of waiting. There are good kinds and bad kinds of waiting. Boucher is a little too positive and a little too confident to worry when faced with the latter. Maybe he’s used to it, given the path he’s taken to the doorstep of the NBA. Maybe he just knows it will all be worthwhile.

If Las Vegas Summer League with the Toronto Raptors the last week has been any indication, not only will Boucher’s wait eventually be worth it, he’ll have been worth the wait.

“I always have confidence in myself, I’ve just had to wait,” Boucher says. “Obviously, I was waiting for a chance to show what I was capable of doing and it came. I just had to stay ready. Always stay ready, you never know when your chance is coming. I was waiting for my chance, coach gave me my chance, and I showed what I’m capable of doing with it.”

Continue reading at Vice.

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