Murphy: What Summer League tell us about the Raptors’ future plans

Title: Murphy: What Summer League tell us about the Raptors’ future plans
Date: July 24, 2018
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic Toronto, I provided some takeaways from Las Vegas Summer League, including notes on each player who suited up for the Raptors and some general strategy and market thoughts.

I​ realize that Las Vegas​ Summer​ League ended more than​ a week ago, and that​​ some of the fallout has already begun taking shape for the Toronto Raptors. When I returned from nine days in Vegas for the tournament — far too days many if you’re taking a very Vegas-y trip, just enough if you’re spending 10-hour days in the arena and only occasionally indulging, and not enough if you just really like Josh Hart — I had planned to get a post like this up with some reflections and evaluations. The Raptors, you may be aware, got pretty busy in the interim, and I was unsure anyone would care to read about potential Raptors 905 depth in the immediate wake of a franchise-altering trade.

Still, I have some thoughts, and wanted to put them out there before my perceived expiration date of “when all these guys sign somewhere.” Again, apologies for the delay, but none of you would have read this on its originally scheduled posting date last Wednesday.

Kawhi Leonard rumours

Call me an optimist, I guess. The buzz around Summer League about the Raptors being in the mix to acquire Kawhi Leonard felt real, and I think there’s a genuine chance they could land him.

Continue reading at The Athletic.

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