Money moves: Analysing the Raptors’ camp roster, cap sheet and tax bill

Title: Money moves: Analysing the Raptors’ camp roster, cap sheet and tax bill
Date: September 20, 2018
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic Toronto, I explained the different contract types on the Raptors’ training camp roster and provided a pre-camp update of their salary cap and luxury tax situations.

The​ Toronto Raptors filled their​ training​ camp roster this week​ by agreeing to a partially​​ guaranteed deal with Eric Moreland. The deal, first reported by The Athletic‘s Michael Scotto, brings the Raptors to 20 players a few days ahead of the start of camp. While NBA rosters are capped at 15 players plus two two-way players, teams can roster a maximum of 20 players during the offseason and up until the start of the regular season. As the importance of the G League has grown and teams have put more emphasis on using camp to build a deeper pipeline for organizational talent, the frequency with which a team uses all 20 spots has increased — this will be the third consecutive year in which the Raptors bring 20 players to camp with them.

This year’s camp “competitions” seem fairly straightforward. Two years ago there was legitimate competition for the 15th roster spot that eventually went to Fred VanVleet. Last year saw a battle for the final two (and eventually one) roster spot that Alfonzo McKinnie won. This year the Raptors’ salary structure leaves things fairly plain, barring a surprise. They have 13 players under guaranteed contract who are unlikely to be cut due to how deep into the luxury tax the team is, a 14th man with a hefty partial guarantee, and a likely desire to punt on a 15th roster spot and instead lean on a pair of two-way players for depth like they did last year.

What follows is a breakdown of the 20 players in camp, the Raptors’ current cap and tax situation, and a brief snapshot of what Raptors 905 could look like in their fourth season.

Continue reading at The Athletic.

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