‘Masters of our own destiny’: Wolfpack within reach of Super League promotion

Title: ‘Masters of our own destiny’: Wolfpack within reach of Super League promotion
Date: September 26, 2018
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic Toronto, I wrote about the Toronto Wolfpack having two cracks at promotion to Super League in the next two weeks.

Two​ years into their existence,​ every​ successive game has become​ the biggest in Toronto​​ Wolfpack history. They’ve risen so fast, from League 1 to Championship and now to the doorstep of Super League that each first for the club has almost felt cliche; they’re making their own history rapidly and skipping steps along the way.

It was not surprising, then, to hear head coach Paul Rowley downplay another first on Saturday, after the Wolfpack had beaten a Super League club for the first time in team history.

“The game was massive for the club regardless of the opposition or the status of the opposition,” he said. “We’ve only been around two years so to say that we haven’t beat a Super League club, to me that’s meant nothing, really. We wouldn’t be expected to. We’re a Championship club. We know where we’re at. Today was effectively 12th best team in the country against 13th, us being 13th on the league standings, so it was a crunch game, one that we needed to win, and one which we won.”

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