Murphy: Handicapping the race for the Raptors’ final roster spots

Title:Murphy: Handicapping the race for the Raptors’ final roster spots
Date: October 2, 2018
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic, I wrote my annual post putting odds on who gets the Raptors’ final roster spot(s), an esoteric dive I’ve done well with in the past but don’t feel strongly about this year.

In​ what has become one​ of​ my favorite annual traditions​ and probably the most​​ painfully on-brand of my regular columns, it’s time to handicap the race for the Toronto Raptors’ final roster spots. Yeah, starting lineups and 10-man rotations are cool, but have you ever spent far too much time trying to decide who will soak up the 47 minutes available in the 15th-man slot? We’ve got you.

Last year, we nailed the odds pretty well. Alfonzo McKinnie and K.J. McDaniels were given the best and second-best odds, respectively, and both made the final roster. The assumption there was that because both had a $100,00 guarantee, it only made sense to keep both until their guarantee ran out. We gave McKinnie the edge in terms of hanging on to the 14th roster spot, and as expected, the team punted on their 15th slot after McDaniels’ guarantee was up, save for two 10-day contracts for Nigel Hayes and a Game-82 contract conversion for two-way player Lorenzo Brown.

The impact here was pretty negligible. McDaniels never got into a regular season game, McKinnie threatened the fewest minutes played by a Raptor who had lasted an entire season on the roster (53), and the two two-way players (Brown and Malcolm Miller) played more than anyone in the 13th, 14th, and 15th roster spots.

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