Wolfpack owner David Argyle vows team will rebound from disappointing finish with ‘steel and backbone’

Title:Wolfpack owner David Argyle vows team will rebound from disappointing finish with ‘steel and backbone’
Date: October 15, 2018
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic Toronto, I sat down with Toronto Wolfpack owner David Argyle to talk about what comes next in year three of the franchise’s existence.

The​ Toronto Wolfpack held their​ destiny​ in their hands. Looking​ up from a 2-2 standing​​ in the Rugby League Qualifiers, they won three in a row, including an upset of powerhouse Leeds. They were on the edge of a Super League promotion. A winner-gets-promoted affair — The Million Pound Game — against the London Broncos on home turf was exactly where they wanted to be.

“I think for most of the fans, including myself, it was like watching a train wreck,” team c0-owner David Argyle told The Athletic in an exclusive interview.

That crash came slowly, at a pace that would normally seem to favor the Wolfpack. A 2-0 deficit at halftime left room for optimism, but shortly after the Wolfpack tied the game, London pulled back ahead 4-2. That would wind up the final, by far the lowest-scoring affair in team history and hardly the style of game — or the outcome — the Wolfpack were expecting.

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