Chris Boucher making good on his second NBA chance with Raptors

Title:Chris Boucher making good on his second NBA chance with Raptors
Date: October 29, 2018
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic, I wrote about Chris Boucher feeling different in his second NBA season, having fought for this shot and having proven to himself he belongs.

If​ a player goes off in​ a G​ League game nobody sees,​ does it still impact​​ the buzz around him as a prospect? As Chris Boucher proved on Friday, the answer is decidedly yes.

Raptors 905 played their lone preseason game in Erie, Pa., as the parent club Toronto Raptors were hosting the Dallas Mavericks, and Boucher’s performance quickly became something to track. Of course, it being a preseason G League game, there was no broadcast. In fact, there was hardly anyone to see it at all, with no official recorded attendance and the Bayhawks, the affiliate of the Atlanta Hawks, offering free admission to the exhibition game.

That meant few saw what was behind a gaudy stat-line for Boucher: A 21-and-10 double-double by halftime and a final line of 25 points on just 17 used possessions over 22 minutes, plus 12 rebounds, two assists and three blocks. A multitude of caveats apply, naturally, and Boucher was jointed by Jordan Loyd and Deng Adel in monster small-minute, high-efficiency nights as the 905 cruised to a ludicrous 141-102 victory. Still, those with the team who were in attendance have confirmed how impressive those big numbers came together, with Boucher out-running the Bayhawks bigs up and down the court, using his trademark double-bounce around the rim and even flashing some perimeter and transition chops, as head coach Jama Mahlalela encouraged anyone on his roster to push if they came down with a defensive rebound.

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