The art of transition defence: Danny Green on timing, reading and rhythm

Title: The art of transition defence: Danny Green on timing, reading and rhythm
Date: November 1, 2018
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic, I spoke to Danny Green about what goes into making a good transition defender and had him walk me through some examples.

When​ the Toronto Raptors went​ all-in​ to acquire Kawhi Leonard​ this summer, they needed​​ to make the salary math work. DeMar DeRozan earned more than Leonard, Jakob Poeltl was going back the other way and, as such, the Raptors would have to take back one of a small handful of eight-figure deals on the San Antonio Spurs books.

Patty Mills might have been the Spurs’ preference with three years left on an over-sized contract, while Pau Gasol represented the biggest salary to get out from under. In landing Danny Green in that slot instead, the Raptors accomplished many things. Green had the smallest deal of the bunch at $10 million, and the Spurs kicked in $5 million to boot. Green’s also an expiring contract, so the Raptors had to make no long-term commitment.

As it turns out, Green is also still really, really good.

Continue reading at The Athletic.


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