Raptors Tactical: Pelicans roll to victory off E’Twaun Moore’s floater game

Title: Raptors Tactical: Pelicans roll to victory off E’Twaun Moore’s floater game
Date: November 14, 2018
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic, I broke down E’Twaun Moore’s dominance of the Raptors, which highlighted a potential weakness in the team’s defensive design.

It​ took a lot of self-control​ to​ not make today’s piece​ a ranking of the favourite​​ E’Twaun ParaMoore jokes I brainstormed last night as Moore was laying waste to the Toronto Raptors.

For years, all of my fantasy team names have been music puns, usually in the pop-punk realm. Eighteen unlucky The Athletic readers and one co-worker have looked up the standings at JamAll-American Rejects. I can’t decide if YI-MO-TION or HinRich Homie Quan. Anyway, none of those names compare to E’Twaun ParaMoore, which comes courtesy of the wonderful Marco Romo. Mirtle has encouraged me to get weird as I see fit, and as someone who has gone way too deep on Death Cab for Cutie references and Theory of a Dedmon jokes, I thought maybe some Paramore jokes were appropriate to lead us off here.

After all, Moore decidedly gave the Raptors some misery business on Monday, scoring 30 points on 13-of-18 shooting and playing to a plus-21. Upon rewatch, though, there was too much in the way Moore, Jrue Holiday and Anthony Davis picked apart the Raptors to just make jokes. The Toronto defence has shown occasional cracks in an otherwise seamless 12-2 start, and Moore’s buffet of floaters highlighted some potentially exploitable issues that warrant closer inspection.

“They made some shots,” Kyle Lowry said. “When they got to the paint, they made some floaters. The guards had 59 points combined. We let them get to where they wanted to on the court. We just didn’t play our brand of basketball tonight.”

Continue reading at The Athletic.

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