There is no Go Daddy Curse, but Danny Green might have freed C.J. Miles from it anyway

Title: There is no Go Daddy Curse, but Danny Green might have freed C.J. Miles from it anyway
Date: January 19, 2019
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic Toronto, I wrote about the potential end of The Go Daddy Curse.

Is​ it possible for a player​ to​ hit seven 3s in​ one quarter and it​​ not be his biggest contribution to a team that week? Can someone get so hot they break a teammate out of a slump in the process? Short of Steph Curry, it feels like the answer is no. Danny Green’s week suggests otherwise.

Green was a house afire Saturday, almost single-handedly dismantling the Grizzlies in a 45-14 third quarter that helped the Raptors cruise to a 119-90 victory replete with garbage time. He hit seven 3s in the third quarter, setting a franchise record in that area. He scored 21 points, finishing with 24 on the night and tying a career-high with eight 3s overall. Scotiabank Arena was, no joke, chanting “DAN-NY!” at timeouts. It’s a hell of a way to celebrate your adorable dog’s third birthday.

And still, to hear Raptors Twitter tell it, Green’s biggest impact on Saturday’s game — and Thursday’s before it — came through a wardrobe choice. It warrants investigation: Did Green wearing CJ’s PJs help break the Go Daddy Curse?

Continue reading at The Athletic.


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