Trey Troubles: Why are the Raptors so bad at hitting threes?

Title: Trey Troubles: Why are the Raptors so bad at hitting threes?
Date: February 4, 2019
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic Toronto, I investigated the Raptors’ continued trouble hitting 3-pointers despite a strong true-talent level of shooting on the roster.

The Toronto Raptors are shooting more threes than ever before. They’re just not hitting as many as they hoped.

Wait. It feels like we’ve been here before. This was an early season issue and an early season article. As the sample has expanded and the season has rolled on, though, it’s become no less an issue. In fact, while the actual 3-point percentage isn’t quite as extreme as early on, the fact that sub-par shooting has persisted so deep into the year might make it even more of a concern.

For some context, the Raptors are getting up 33.2 threes per-game, narrowly ahead of last season’s franchise best. Technically, a slightly smaller portion of their shots have come from beyond the arc, but an uptick in pace has made this their most voluminous 3-point season to date. With a 34.5-percent mark on those shots, the Raptors rank 22nd in the league in effectiveness.

“We go 2-for-17 in the first half. I went through the tape, and about 15 of those I am probably taking,” head coach Nick Nurse said after the team’s loss to Milwaukee last week. “That’s kind of what you’ve got to do: You’ve got to make some shots over the top of them to win.”

Continue reading at The Athletic.

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