A streamer’s fantasy basketball playoff guide

Title: A streamer’s fantasy basketball playoff guide
Date: March 18, 2019
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: I made a guest appearance on The Athletic’s fantasy side, answering some Raptors questions ahead of fantasy basketball playoffs.

Like​ the streamer’s guide to​ the​ fantasy hockey playoff schedule,​ I wanted to give​​ those who made it this far in their fantasy basketball leagues a look at what’s to come over the next couple weeks. This is a very difficult time of the year to predict playing time in the NBA, which makes streaming all that more important during the playoffs. In terms of fantasy, basketball is the only sport out of the major four in which a first-round selection may become borderline useless to you during the playoffs.

As the season winds down, the real life playoffs start to take shape which usually results in minute restrictions and lots of rest for big time players. Sometimes you have to swallow your pride and cut big names. Sure, it’s nice to look at the championship roster at the end of the season and see names like LeBron James, Anthony Davis or Marc Gasol as you reminisce on the season that was. It’s quite possible, though, that one of those three could be the reason you don’t get your name engraved on the trophy. Thank them for getting you this far, but have a close eye as all three have seen a decrease in their minutes.

In a redraft league you do what you have to in order to get to the semis or the finals. For example, the New Orleans Pelicans are scheduled to play a league-low four games in Week 25 of the fantasy basketball season, so you may have to cut Anthony Davis and his 20 minutes per game. Albeit, 80 minutes of Davis is better than most of what’s available on the waiver wire.

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