Raptors Season in Review: Revisiting clutch performances, WOWYs and more

Title: Raptors Season in Review: Revisiting clutch performances, WOWYs and more
Date: April 8, 2019
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic Toronto, I revisited all of the studies and deep data dives I did from throughout the season and updated them with a full season of data, looking to draw some conclusions ahead of the playoffs.

With​ no disrespect intended to​ the​ Minnesota Timberwolves, the learning portion​ of the Raptors season​​ is over. While they’ll want to win on Tuesday to secure home court for a potential NBA Finals meeting with the Golden State Warriors, Game 82 figures to be approached somewhat conservatively and without much urgency from either side. It will be a game, just not a particular valuable one for evaluating where the team is heading into the playoffs.

Luckily, there were 81 games before it. Throughout the course of the year, we tackled a number of questions from a quantitative perspective. Today, we have the benefit of a full season’s worth of data (or 81/82nds of a season’s worth). It’s still noisy in many cases thanks to injuries, load management and a roster overhaul, but it’s worth revisiting and seeing whether our mid-season concerns or optimism or curiosities should have shifted since we last looked.

What follows are quick looks back at some numbers we dove into throughout the season and an updated look at the numbers. These are the questions people had most in the comments, the concerns expressed most to me in the mentions and the curiosities that came up most in conversations. It felt worthwhile to check in on all of it to help recalibrate for the postseason.

Check it out!

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