Raptor Recalibration, Game 4: Ball movement, Lowry’s impact, Ross traps and more

Title: Raptor Recalibration, Game 4: Ball movement, Lowry’s impact, Ross traps and more
Date: April 22, 2019
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic, my new playoff day-after playoff column looked at a runaway Game 4 victory for the Raptors over the Magic, Kyle Lowry’s impact, how the Raptors have slowed Terrence Ross, and more.

At​ times, it can be​ difficult​ to avoid being reductive.

Through​ four games, the Raptors​​ are beating the Orlando Magic because they are the better team. They didn’t play like it in Game 1. They mostly have since, and it has reduced the narrative of the series to what it should be: The much better team handling business against a tough, defensive underdog. Their starting lineup is simply too good for the Magic, however impressive and well-coached, to hang over a full series. Their defence is downright cruel.

And that’s great. It’s what a team in the Raptors’ position is expected to do. It’s wildly unfamiliar around these parts, but this is how a first round is supposed to play out. If we’re being honest, it can also serve to take some of the edge away from a column designed to highlight the game-to-game tweaks and minutiae and high-leverage moments.

Here’s a quick look at me (the Magic) trying to figure out an interesting intro hook for this column:

Continue reading at The Athletic.

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