Raptor Recalibration, Game 1: Matching the Embiid minutes, Green as a screener and more

Title: Raptor Recalibration, Game 1: Matching the Embiid minutes, Green as a screener and more
Date: April 28, 2019
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic, my playoff day-after playoff column looked at a dominant Game 1 victory for the Raptors against the 76ers.

At​ least one prediction from​ our​ Raptors-76ers previews appears ready​ to be proven accurate:​​ This series is going to be a lot of fun.

The Raptors were fairly dominant in a 108-95 victory in Game 1 on Saturday, led by an otherworldly Kawhi Leonard performance, some really solid defence and a shaky performance for the 76ers’ core pieces. Normally in this space, I’d grab a narrative arc or a tangentially related thought and build it out before getting into the detail. I’m eschewing that this time around, both because that narrative arc — the Raptors’ best players significantly outplayed the 76ers’ best players — is a little dry and because I write this section last, and this is already a little lengthy for a Sunday morning read.

I’m breaking the fourth wall, I’m sorry.

As established in the first round, the morning after each playoff game, we’ll reconvene here to try to sort through everything that happened. I’ll continue to tweak the format — a key coaching decision, adjustments and rotations, key statistical trends and so on — based on feedback, so please keep that coming. I was going to name it “Came Out Swinging” and we all lost on “Wake and Blake,” so here we are.

Continue reading at The Athletic.

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