Beat writers discussion: Identifying key adjustments for Game 7 of Raptors-76ers

Title: Beat writers discussion: Identifying key adjustments for Game 7 of Raptors-76ers
Date: May 11, 2019
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic, I collaborated with Mike O’Connor of The Athletic Philadelphia to break down the tactical adjustments made through  the first six games of Raptors-76ers and what might be in store for Game 7.

The Philadelphia 76ers rallied to force a Game 7 against the Toronto Raptors on Thursday with a 112-101 victory. Locked at 3-3, the series has been as close as anticipated, albeit in a somewhat unexpected fashion. There have been four blowouts in the six games, with only two — a narrow Game 2 win for Philadelphia and a gutty Game 4 victory for Toronto — really highlighting what each team can do better at the margins.

It’s made for a tough series to navigate emotionally. At times, both teams have looked disinterested or, worse, defeated. As Eric Koreen pointed out earlier in the series, it’s difficult to think the last game’s result won’t be the next game’s result, given the way our brains are wired. But if this series has taught us anything, it’s that each game is an isolated affair.

In an attempt to reset where the terms of engagement lie heading into Game 7 on Sunday, we — Blake Murphy of The Athletic Toronto and Mike O’Connor of The Athletic Philadelphia — reconvened. Our last collaboration, between Games 3 and 4, hit on some important areas that defined the next three games. We’ll attempt to do the same here, with the now-necessary caveat that there appears to be a two-thirds chance that one of the teams just doesn’t show up.

MURPHY: I’ll be honest, Mike. I am not super pleased to be doing another one of these exchanges with you. When we agreed, with the series at 2-2, to do one of these again between Games 6 and 7, if necessary, I didn’t anticipate being so bothered by the way we got here.

Continue reading at The Athletic.

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