Where do the Raptors go from here? Offseason moves should give us an idea

Title: Where do the Raptors go from here? Offseason moves should give us an idea
Date: July 8, 2019
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic Toronto, I wrote about the Raptors early offseason moves, updated their cap and roster situations and tried to work through what may come next.

Well, that was certainly a long weekend. The Toronto Raptors lost Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green in free agency, quickly got to work restocking the roster and charting their new course and the NBA’s annual whirlwind start to July is rounding to a close. We think.

There was a lot going on at once, and the Raptors moved so swiftly that there almost wasn’t time to let the impact of Leonard’s free agency on their present and future resonate. That’s why we’re doubling back here to reassess where the Raptors stand and try to discern where they go from here. Some of this will be a refresher, as we went into what an offseason without Leonard would look like here and attempted to recalibrate for the summer in the wake of the Leonard news. The intention here is not to be repetitive but recognize that days and weeks feel like forever ago in the offseason, memories are short and, if we’re being honest, at least some readers may have chosen to focus on the “Leonard stays” scenarios.

What follows is a more direct, action-oriented look at where the Raptors go from here rather than the larger philosophical explorations we went through when Leonard was a hypothetical.

Check it out!

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