Raptors Media Day notebook: Ready for ‘dopest’ camp, Anunoby expectations, early competitions and more

Title: Raptors Media Day notebook: Ready for ‘dopest’ camp, Anunoby expectations, early competitions and more
Date: September 28, 2019
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic Toronto, I took a lap around Toronto Raptors media day to set up the key storylines tot watch in training camp.

The reigning, defending, undisputed, dynasty-toppling, Warriors-conquering NBA champion Toronto Raptors officially opened their 2019-20 season with media day activities at Scotiabank Arena on Saturday. Sadly, that also marks the end of this escalating-Paul Heyman-lede gimmick. Saturday marks the official turning of the page from a championship celebration to a championship defence, with an accompanying change in mood, for the team and for the author.

A year ago, things felt different. Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green were being introduced, flanked by president Masai Ujiri, and palpable, anxious energy permeated the proceedings and made for some lighter moments. This year, Ujiri lamented that “I’m sitting all alone now,” which, one welcome to the club, pal, and two, makes sense given that the most knowable answers this early are the kind that rest on his shoulders. Ujiri was adamant that the Raptors’ priority is winning, even as they rebuild, and that attitude has set the tone up and down the roster. There weren’t nearly as many light moments, either, owing to a mix of layout, unfamiliarity and uncertainty.

The day was not without its takeaways, even if they were shrouded in camp-speak. (Sadly, we did not get any official #MuscleWatch claims.) What follows is a quick spin around Raptors media day in notebook format, which we’ll stick with throughout the next week at training camp in Quebec City.

Check it out!

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