Raptors training camp: Jumbo lineups, Davis as a point guard, Lowry status and more

Title: Raptors training camp: Jumbo lineups, Davis as a point guard, Lowry status and more
Date: October 2, 2019
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic Toronto, I took a lap around the fourth day of Toronto Raptors training camp, highlighting the potential use of jumbo lineups, Terence Davis and Patrick McCaw updates, and more.

QUEBEC CITY — All I’ve ever asked of the Toronto Raptors rotations is for them to get weird. It sounds as if I’ll get my wish in 2019-20.

When asked this summer to put together a hypothetical Raptors rotation, I went with a fairly typical approach. That approach, however, came with the caveat that it was a rotation on an average day and a projection, not a preference. One of the preferences I noted within was for Nick Nurse to use jumbo lineups; the Raptors have had success in recent years bucking the discourse of the day and playing larger at times, and their personnel better suits an antithesis to small-ball.

Nurse is playing along so far in training camp. After mentioning Pascal Siakam as a potential small forward (or point-forward, even) most of the summer, Nurse has also talked about using Serge Ibaka at power forward more.

Check it out!

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