Raptors’ opening-night celebration is a reminder of the possibility of newness

Title: Raptors’ opening-night celebration is a reminder of the possibility of newness
Date: October 22, 2019
Original Source: The Athletic
Synopsis: In my latest for The Athletic Toronto, I wrote about a new season, possibility, and the Raptors championship celebration.

There is an unmistakable freshness to opening night.

The world at large does not offer us the reprieve of clean reset points. You can pick a Monday, or the first of a month, or New Year’s Day, but time is not as linear as we’d like to imagine within the confines of a calendar; every starting point and end point is a middle inseparable. The NBA calendar, though, provides a flash cut between narratives. Seasons are connected; rosters, storylines and a team’s lot in life are not. Unless you are the Knicks.

Opening night, then, is a crisp slate in the purest sense. A nostalgic feeling envelops everything when a standings page is marked with 0-0 30 times over. It is new and it is clean. It is filled with possibility.

Never has the idea of that possibility — its magnitude, its literalness — been quite so on display as it was Tuesday, when the Toronto Raptors received their championship rings and unveiled a championship banner.

Check it out!

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